Read how GDO has helped other charities, as it has been designed to meet the needs and challenges of the Charity sector.

GDO provides a platform for National Charity to support its 200 branches

Their Marketing and Communication team reviewed a large number of Online Web to Print Ordering systems to enable them to provide support for our 200 offices throughout the UK and Ireland.

They chose GDO because as well as being very easy and intuitive to use the system also met all their key requirements.

The system provides a platform for managing the stock for all their offices and enables them to control their brand and more importantly, costs. The reports allow them to understand how the print budget is being spent and to plan more effectively.

The system was seamlessly launched to all 200 hundred branches and the ease of use has meant that feedback and take up from their staff was extremely positive. The online editing system has meant different offices are able to edit artwork templates and tailor publicity and communications materials to their own requirements in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

For any organisation seeking an efficient way of controlling brand and costs as well as ordering printed materials online, the Pollards’ GDO system met all their requirements.

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