GDO Print Audits to save multi-national building supplier up to 30% on their operational print spend

GDO’s powerful MIS system enables us to produce detailed print audit for our clients containing recommendations for potential cost savings, based upon historical data.

After several months of using our GDO, we are able to provide detailed reports on all purchasing activity across every department and user. The accuracy and integrity of this data allows us to produce very detailed cost saving proposals on an ongoing basis. Typically, by analysing, coordinating and monitoring print spend we are able to save clients up to 30% on their annual spend. We work with a supplier of building materials who use GDO to manage their print activity for their sites throughout the UK. Using the MIS system, we were able to examine their total print and provide detailed reports for each item which shows the following information:

  • Cost for individual print run
  • Cost if we print for 6 months or 12-month requirement
  • Recommendations for redesigning the items to make it more cost efficient
  • Cost if we combine with other items with a similar specification for 6 months or 12 months

The MIS audit showed total print expenditure over a 12-month period and on a job by job basis for individual jobs. This means that every time print items come up for re-order we are able to analyse the best options for meeting business objectives and reducing costs. We estimate this will save them between 20 to 30% on their operational print costs.

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